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Honored to be a part of this conference, it was a cherishing experience to share my work and views with such great personalities and listen to them, looking forward for such more successful events with you, very well organized!!

Gaurav Vishal
Bareilly International University, India

The European Congress on Chemistry and Applied Sciences” (March, 2023) offered the possibility of presenting results via a virtual webinar. This is a very convenient and efficient way of connecting with fellow scientists. Scientific talks covering a broad range of topics have been presented in a well-structured format. I want to thank the organizers for hosting this event and for their professional and kind support during the application process as well as during the presentation itself.

Felix Panis
University of Vienna, Austria

Hamza CHANOUR PhD Student at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco and Côte d'Azur University, France consider the occasion as an honor and privilege to express my heartfelt thanks to all the contributors for making this event “European Congress on Chemistry and Applied Sciences” a great success. The congress was very informative and thought-provoking because of the diversity of topics and participants provenance. Personally, I was very delighted to have the chance to present a part of my works in front of high ranked respectful scientists. Once again, Thank you all

Hamza Chanour
Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco

I’ m very grateful that I was given the opportunity to present a part of my work to your conference. It was a great and well-organized event and the people who worked for the event were always there for any problem that may have occurred. I hope that you can keep the good work and may we meet again in the future.

Mexis Dimitrios
Candidate National and Kapodistrian University, Greece

The European Congress of Chemistry and Applied Sciences (indexed in the SCOPUS database) was held on March 20 and 21, 2023 in Rome, Italy. The theme of the conference was "Innovative strategies and the future of chemistry and applied sciences". The conference is a platform for the cooperation of experts around the world and the exchange of experiences in the field of chemistry. Due to the wide field of industrial application of chemistry as a science, the congress enabled speakers from all over the world to show their research work, knowledge in the field of chemistry and applied sciences. The Congress brought together scientists/researchers as well as industry experts. The program covered all areas of chemistry and applied chemistry: inorganic, organic, analytical chemistry, chemicalengineering, geochemistry, petroleum/petrochemistry, etc. We participated in the congress with papers (poster presentation): Diamondoid Hydrocarbons as Maturity Indicators for High Maturity Crude Oils and Condensates (S. Marinovi?, M. Biondi?) Paraffin wax in petroleum industry: A review on formation, experimentation, prevention, and removal techniques (M. Biondi?, S. Marinovi?). Participating in this congress is an unforgettable experience located in the “Eternal City” Rome, the beautiful capital of Italy.

Mirna Biondic
INA – Industrija Nafte PLC, Croatia

The Conference is very good, I met people from same research background We are pleased to have the chance to attend the conference and give a presentation. I was overwhelmed by the speakers, hotel, country, and food. The conference gives us a fantastic experience for meeting different countries' researchers and colorful cultures. Thanks a lot for the excellent organization.

Mory Traore
University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

I found this conference in Roma Aurelia Stay Hotel was really helpful. One of the most enjoyable and informative conference I have ever attended. Thank you for organizing and a very special thanks to the great speaker! I met many speakers from different continents with different culture. Definitely, through this conference, we would be able to change our idea and opinion regarding subject matter. Special thanks to the organizer. The foods so good!! The conference hall super-duper comfortable and spacey.

Nurul Huda Abdul Wahab
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

European Congress of Chemistry and Applied Sciences in Rome, Italy really a nice conference, very well organized.

Theodora Pentovolou
ELKEME S.A, Greece

The 2023 European Congress on Chemistry and Applied Sciences in Rome, Italy, was a brilliant scientific event. It provided me with the opportunity to learn from subject-matter experts in a variety of disciplines and network with many people. The keynote speeches, as well as the numerous presentations given by researchers from various universities and institutions around the world, were quite insightful. I look forward to attending more of these meetings in the future.

Ujuagu Akunna Francess
Tohoku University, Japan

As a participant and a chair of Day 2 sessions, I was impressed by the excellent organization of the joint conferences and the quality of the presentations offered. Of great value for me as a clinical practitioner and an expert in perioperative medicine, critical care and pain management were the presented advances in the application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, medical microwave radiometry, and a new skin cell-based gene delivery platform to treat the substance use disorder. The application of the biopsychosocial model of treatment not only in the field of chronic pain, but also in substance use disorder and addiction is convincing evidence that the boundaries between different specialties are a relative conception when a holistic approach to the problems in neurology, brain disorders, addiction and psychiatry is needed. Such joint meetings are only in the interest of the patients and all parties involved in their treatment. Well done to all participants!

Dimitar Georgiev Tonev
Medical University of Sofia, University Hospital “Tsaritsa Yoanna - ISUL”, Bulgaria

This was indeed a great international conference, in a beautiful city, with a very good program reflecting the latest researches in neurology and psychiatry.

Boulenouar Mesraoua
Weill Cornell Medical College, Qatar

A heartfelt thank you for your exceptional efforts in organizing and executing such a successful conference. Your dedication, attention to detail, and seamless coordination created an enriching and memorable experience for all attendees. Your hard work and commitment to fostering a collaborative and inspiring environment are truly commendable. We are grateful for your invaluable contributions and look forward to future events under your expert guidance. Once again, thank you for a job well done!

Queenie Law
Hong Kong Metropolitan University, China

It was a pleasure presenting at the International Conference in Neurology and Brain disorders in Paris. The expertise and knowledge of the presenters was excellent. I appreciated their willingness to explain concepts, ample discussion time and clear and concise visual aids. The support staff was available to trouble shoot some technical issues which was also greatly appreciated. Overall, a very positive experience which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in the novel research in this field.

Dariusz Pytel
Medical University of South Carolina, USA

I am glad that I could attend this conference. It was an enriching experience. The Organization was on a high level. The environment was also nice, and the overall atmosphere was great.

Daniela Vargova
Comenius University, Slovakia

The Conference was organized brilliantly. Many thanks for the conference coordinator, Anna Liisa for the constant support. Also, we are grateful to onsite organizer.

Saule Balmagambetova
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University, Kazakhstan

It was an amazing conference in which I had the opportunity to meet and network with great researchers and hear about their fascinating work.

Nauf Bou Antoun
Kingston University London, United Kingdom

It was good experience because I came to know international experts from multidisciplinary areas.

Maria Fatima Chilaca Rosas
National Medical Cancer Center siglo XXI, Mexico/ National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico

I want to thank you for organizing the Cancer and Oncology Research Conference in Rome, Italy. Attending this event was a great experience for me, and I gained a lot of valuable knowledge. The presentations were excellent. I also appreciate receiving the conference materials promptly.

Zhenisgul Tlegenova
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov Medical University, Kazakhstan

Myself Dr. Amitha, Pediatric Dentist resident of Bangalore (India ). I want to express my sincere gratitude for giving me a opportunity to present my study at international conference on dentistry and Oral health (Scisynopsis Conference, Rome, Italy) about the conference I would love to Speak....is that they gave opportunity to present all the part of globe..and they encouraged to present any subject related to dentistry, as i presented my study virtually...they organized and discussed the matter well through emails & whats app everything on time they updated and any query from the speakers team used to reply immediately for the same. Thank you once again for giving me the platform to share my knowledge. Looking forward to be in person for future conference. Wishing you all the committee members. Best Wishes.

Amitha HA
V.S Dental College and Hospital, India

I personally wanted to congratulate you on the organization of the event. An event during which you demonstrated professionalism and mastery. The webinar was well organized and started in time with no delays. Without a doubt, this event was, thanks to you, the most successful event. While waiting for the pleasure of collaborating with you again, please accept the expression of my highest consideration.

Ines Saadellaoui
University of Monastir, Tunisia

I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of the conference, especially the program manager Hannele Marjatta. I, like many of my colleagues, had the opportunity to present our work and share our achievements in medicine. And the opportunity to participate in webinars greatly expands the boundaries of communication between doctors of the world. I look forward to further cooperation and participation in your conferences and webinars.

Hayk Harutyunyan
"MAPLE” Dental And Implantology Center, Armenia

The conference communication has been smooth and great in each significant time point during the preparation. The conference has a diverse disciplinary perspective, and I received valuable insights from fellow presenters. The organization of the conference has been steady and professional. None of the minor issues encountered have impacted on the progress of scientific communication and gathering. It has been a great privilege and pleasure participating in the conference with a wonderful experience.

Yang Pachankis
Independent, China

Conference with excellent professionals, well organized, promising in terms of content and innovations, promoting a new look and advancement in world research.

Alida Lucia Cardoso
Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil

All schedule regarding the conference has been finished successfully. I enjoyed it very much. Your staff's dedication make the conference a tremendous success. I believe that it would not be possible without their dedication to the conference. I found the conference informative, thought-provoking, and enjoyable one. It was very fruitful, productive and meaningful conference. I am often organizing the international conference. So, I understand all difficulties of the conference. In spite of all difficulties, you and your staffs did good job. Taking this opportunity, I'd like to express my best gratitude for all your dedication and efforts. I was able to take away some valuable insights and ideas that I can apply to my work and professional development including the organization of the next international conference. I look forward to seeing you at next event.

Yun-Hae KIM
Executive Vice President, The Korean Society for Composite Materials, South Korea

Thanks to International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering for the communication opportunity and communication platform. Thanks to Program Manager Elena Gilbert for her patient help and discipline. The conference went very smoothly from the publicity of the conference to the hosting. The participants were all high-end scholars from all over the world, and the debriefing they did was excellent. The exchanges and inquiries about the content of my report inspired future research ideas. Finally, thank you again for this conference, and I will definitely participate again if I have the opportunity!

Zihao Tan
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me at your prestigious conference as a virtual speaker “International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering” held on 20-21st March, 2023 in Rome, Itlay. I feel honored to join fraternity and family of such elite scholars, researchers and professors. I really feel honored to share my expertise, of recently published paper “Effect of Secondary Combustion on Thrust Regulation of Gas Generator Cycle of Rocket Engine” at international forum. This may not be possible without your support. Your team presence and wise words during the conference helped magnify all speakers cause in the best possible way. This seminar was a huge success. All thanks to your enlightening words that inspired so many people out there. All speakers covered a broad spectrum of topics. I am looking forward to participate in your upcoming conference with my upcoming research that will surely have broad scope in engineering fields Once again congratulations for conducting a successful and a memorable conference. You have set a new standard for conference planners.

Muhammad Umer Sohail
Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan

First of all, I would like to thank the organizing committee who gave me a golden opportunity to present my research work as a speaker on a virtual platform. The International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering was conducted very successfully, and a lot of good speakers presented their own research work all over the world. I attended every section and learned lots of things and hope to see you again at such a type of conference in future.

Rajesh Kumar
R.D.S. College , India

I was honored to be invited by Scisynopsis, Organizer of International Conference Event, to give the Keynote Lecture at “International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering” during March 20-21, 2023 at Rome, Italy. I was a chair of the first day of conference upon very interesting sessions such as Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis, Chemical Engineering, Catalysis and Energy, Catalysis and Zeolites, Catalysis and Applications and Simulation and Modeling in Catalysis. Catalysis Conference 2023 will host a series of Keynote Lectures, Oral and Poster Presentations during two days of Conference, very well organized with a lot of discussion after each presentation. It was my great pleasure to work for success of this conference. I would like to state for very high scientific level of this conference.

Stanislaw Dzwigaj
Sorbonne Université, France

To have more experience, learn from others is the vital step. Really it has been a pleasure to take part in such a multidisciplinary and inspirational International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering. It is advised for young scientists to attend such kind conferences in order to gain a lot of knowledge from others' experiences.

Tadios Tesfaye
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

It was my great pleasure to participate and deliver my scientific speech at the Catalysis 2023 Conference in Rome. It was a special experience for me as there were plenty of multidisciplinary subjects delivered by well known scholars and Researchers from different countries. The environment was very warm and beneficial as the topics of research are very unique and modern. There was a lot of focus on Sustainable Energy and the way to face the challenge of Energy and Environment transition because of the adverse impact of huge and intensive utilization of conventional Energy especially oil and gas which is a major concern nowadays. I would like to thank the whole team of the Organizing committee and scientific committee.

Fawzi M. Elfghi
Libyan Petroleum Institute, Libya

My name is Labode Stevenson NAITCHEDE, and I am from Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology, and Innovation. I participated in the International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering_ Catalysis 2023 as one of the invited speakers. The conference was full of learning new research insights from scientists over the world and will surely help to boost my young researcher career to another level. Hopefully to be there next year with more new research output to share.

Labode Stevenson Naitchede
Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology, and Innovation, Kenya

During my professor career in 2017-2019 I have investigated three mechanisms of ribose-furfural reaction in presence of HCl or H2SO4 : two mechanisms in open chain (10 steps and 13 steps), and one in cyclic ribopyranose (10 steps). In 2022 bond energy calculation of intramolecular interactions in open chain and charge distribution in cyclic pyranose confirmed the three mechanisms of Iwan Iwanov, one of them presented on the International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering, March 20-21, 2023 | Rome, Italy. The hotel rooms, breakfasts, coffee breaks and the lunch were perfect. And finally, I was very proud to be the only Bulgarian researcher on this conference !!! Special thanks to Organizing Committee !!!

Iwan Iwanov
University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria

I found the conference to be well-organized and insightful, with a diverse range of topics and speakers. The atmosphere was conducive to networking and collaboration, and I enjoyed engaging with fellow researchers and experts in the field. The venue in Rome was also a fantastic choice, adding a touch of historical charm to the event. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to attending future events.

Alessio Pelucelli
Università di Sassari, Italy

The International Conference on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering, indexed in Scopus, offers a decent forum to look into catalysis from Chemical Engineering viewpoint. Such approach combines Chemical engineering principles and unit operations of catalyst synthesis and manufacture with the relevant basic science aspects. Consequently, we can better do research with innovation that can develop more successful industrial catalysts and processes. Accordingly, the future of catalysis should be taught and learnt. This conference is a good beginning in this direction. Upcoming congresses will bring about more fruits.

Muhammad Atiqullah
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

Dear organizers of the European Congress of Chemistry and Applied Sciences, thank you for accepting our work to participate as an oral presentation. For our working group it was an honour to participate in this event and we remain attentive to future versions of the same or similar events. We confirm that our data available in this last version of the proceedings book are correct and we endorse it for publication.

Fabián Espitia-Almeida
Universidad Simón Bolívar, Colombia

European Congress on Chemistry and Applied Sciences organized in Rome, Italy is of a high scientific level , well organized and well received.

Belkacem Merzouk
University of M’sila, Algeria


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